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Wired Magazine for iPad

Many have hailed the iPad as the savior of news, but as I discussed in my last post, news readers are hesitant when asked to pay for news that they can get for free elsewhere. But what about magazines? This is where I think the printed industry could thrive if it adopts the iPad quickly and effectively. Within a year I’m sure that we’ll see a magazine store with the iBook store, with all the major publishers offering digital magazines with embedded videos, interactivity and even games, as well as the usual printed content.

First out of the blocks to get the iPad magazine absolutely right is Wired. The magazine looks great on the iPad’s 9.7 inch screen as you’d expect, but it’s the content and navigation that makes Wired so much better than other magazines I’ve read. I’m looking at you, iCreate and Mac User; offering no new content and a shoddy navigation system will not sell digital copies for you.

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Flight Control HD for iPad – now with video!

Flight Control was one of my all-time favourite iPhone games. It was simple, beautifully designed and, with over 2,000,000 copies sold, incredibly popular. The aim of the game was to land a selection of aircraft at an airport by dragging a route with your finger from the plan to the runway. More and more planes and helicopters came onscreen, making it more difficult to land them without causing a crash.

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Tweetdeck for iPad

Twitter applications are hugely popular on the iPhone and PC/Mac and, of course, we’re seeing a whole gaggle of them hitting the iPad. Today, just a day before the iPad’s US launch, Tweetdeck have revealed their latest effort. And it looks bloody impressive.

The increased screen size of the iPad over the iPhone is really proving to be it’s ‘killer app’, with developers being able to show multiple panels and windows at once; on the iPhone this just wasn’t possible. Anyone who used Tweetdeck for iPhone will be aware that while three columns of tweets are viewable at once, it’s not great.

The iPad was made for apps like this. Great use of space

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Simple and Smart Games: Sudoku and Game Table

Regular readers will know that I’m always banging on about how iPhone and iPad games should be simple, fun and easy to get stuck in to. I don’t want to see Call of Duty or Gran Turismo on a portable device; I want a game that’s fun, quick to launch and simple enough to play for 5 minutes while I wait for my bus.

Games like MX Mayhem and Flight Control stuck to this theory on the iPhone and as a result I play them far more than the more ‘serious’ games such as Brothers in Arms, an overly complicated first person shooter.

Clean, simple and it looks real. I love it

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Twitepad? More like Shitepad

Here is a lesson in how NOT to design an iPad application. Just because the screen is bigger it doesn’t mean that developers need to fill the damn thing with more windows and options than we know what to do with.

I'll just tweet this...wait. What?

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Mixr – A DJ Application for iPad

With the iPad hitting US stores this weekend, I thought I should probably kick-start this applications blog into life. I’m in the UK, so sadly won’t be getting my hands on an iPad until ‘late April’ and we still don’t have a price confirmed, but that won’t stop me from providing information about the iPads killer content – it’s applications.