Yo, we put an iPad in your car, so you can multitouch while you drive. Etc etc

Xzibit would be proud.

Yo, Dawg...

Anyway, enough of the ropey Pimp My Ride link…

As well as having an unhealthy obsession with tech and all things Apple, I’ve had a life-long love of cars and all things automotive. Cars and tech seem to go hand in hand.

So when I stumbled across this video of a chap installing an iPad into a car dashboard, the 5-year-old in me almost exploded with excitement, and the 20-year-old on the outside mentally planned out how this could be done in my mum’s Corsa.

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When Did ‘Want’ Become ‘Need’?

Warning: this post may contain opinions and some rambling.

There’s been a few negative issues surround the iPad – ranging from rubbish WiFi to the inability to charge over USB, to devices over heating in sunlight. Well, such is my journalistic awesonness, I’m not going to cover any these; instead I’m going to jump right to the big one.

Some people think other people don’t need an iPad.

The line between ‘need’ and ‘want’ seems to have been blurred and there’s a lot of hate on the tech forums surrounding this. If someone wants and can afford something, then surely they should be entitled to it? If I have a computer and an iPhone and a Kindle then no, I don’t need an iPad. But the truth is, I want one.

In the same way we buy cars that we want rather than need – otherwise we’d all have Vauxhall Corsas and the roads would be a very boring place. No one ‘needs’ a Ferrari, but if you can afford one and will enjoy owning it then why the hell not?

The same applies to clothes and shoes – try telling any woman otherwise – and I don’t see why it shouldn’t also apply to technology. I see a lot of Macs around university and I would bet that 75% have been bought because the student wants one instead of a cheaper alternative. They might not need the Mac and a cheap Dell would do Facebook just as well, but they wanted one.

So why is the iPad getting so much hate? No one needs an iPad at all. Nobody has a valid reason for buying one as it doesn’t replace their phone or their laptop entirely. But 300,000 were sold in its opening weekend.

300,000 people who decided they wanted one. They all have their own reasons and, unless there was a huge robbery that I wasn’t aware of, they could all afford one.

So why shouldn’t we be able to treat ourselves once in a while? It’s not the cheapest treat I’ve ever seen but so what, if you can afford it then go buy one.

I should explain; this isn’t a dig at anyone, just my thoughts on some responses to the iPad. I’d love to hear your views in the comments below.



Posts that may relate in some tiny way to whatever I’ve just said:

iPhone OS 4.0 Preview: Thursday April 8

Tweetdeck For iPad

Flight Control HD For iPad

iPhone OS 4.0 Preview; Thursday April 8

Email inboxes worldwide have just gone ping to the sound of an invitation from Apple to come and see a preview of iPhone 4.0. This will be the newest installation of the touch interface used by the iPod touch, iPhone and the iPad.

Previews of the new iPhone OS are usually scheduled for this time of year and we’ll probably see new hardware around June/July, but what’s interesting is that this OS will be previewed just days after the iPad went on sale in the US.

The invitation every blogger wants. I didn't get one. Sad face

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April 3rd: It’s iPad Day

It’s April 3rd 2010 and that can only mean one thing for Apple fans. It’s iPad day.

Well, in the US at least. Those lucky Americans are getting their mitts on the iPad today while the UK – and the rest of the world – is mocked with a release date of “late April”.

ARGH!!!! Just release it in the UK already!

Anyway, I’m not a bitter person, so moving on. Will the iPad be as big of a hit as the iPhone? Well, the queues won’t be as big, that’s for sure. Apple has the ability to draw up huge amounts of interest by doing pretty much nothing and it’s fairly common for customers to queue for hours or even days to get the newest Apple products.

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Flight Control HD for iPad – now with video!

Flight Control was one of my all-time favourite iPhone games. It was simple, beautifully designed and, with over 2,000,000 copies sold, incredibly popular. The aim of the game was to land a selection of aircraft at an airport by dragging a route with your finger from the plan to the runway. More and more planes and helicopters came onscreen, making it more difficult to land them without causing a crash.

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Tweetdeck for iPad

Twitter applications are hugely popular on the iPhone and PC/Mac and, of course, we’re seeing a whole gaggle of them hitting the iPad. Today, just a day before the iPad’s US launch, Tweetdeck have revealed their latest effort. And it looks bloody impressive.

The increased screen size of the iPad over the iPhone is really proving to be it’s ‘killer app’, with developers being able to show multiple panels and windows at once; on the iPhone this just wasn’t possible. Anyone who used Tweetdeck for iPhone will be aware that while three columns of tweets are viewable at once, it’s not great.

The iPad was made for apps like this. Great use of space

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Simple and Smart Games: Sudoku and Game Table

Regular readers will know that I’m always banging on about how iPhone and iPad games should be simple, fun and easy to get stuck in to. I don’t want to see Call of Duty or Gran Turismo on a portable device; I want a game that’s fun, quick to launch and simple enough to play for 5 minutes while I wait for my bus.

Games like MX Mayhem and Flight Control stuck to this theory on the iPhone and as a result I play them far more than the more ‘serious’ games such as Brothers in Arms, an overly complicated first person shooter.

Clean, simple and it looks real. I love it

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