Five fun games for iPad

Five Fun games for iPad

As we all know, the iPad can lend itself to pretty much anything; be it reading, browsing or typing, it’s a much better experience than on an iPhone or iPod touch. And the same is true with gaming.

Sure, games are good fun on the iPhone, and with the Retina display, they’re super-sharp and at an incredibly high resolution. But the screen is still far too small.

The iPad’s screen is great for gaming, but I’m not talking about Call of Duty or Gran Turismo here, I much prefer playing simple, clever games that don’t push the device to within an inch of its life, resulting it crappy graphics and shoddy gameplay.

I like my portable games quick to start, simple and fun. If it can’t be played for five minutes waiting for a bus, then it’s failed.

So here are five games that I love on the iPad because they’re simple and fun…

Angry Birds

This game was great on the iPhone and – even if the developer hasn’t added any new features at all for the iPad – I still bought it and completed it again. And it’s even better on the ‘pad.

Flicking birds into stuff which crashes down with a satisfying noise and kills green pigs is what Angry Birds is all about. It’s beautifully simple, quick to pick up and have a go and hugely, unbelievably, scarily addictive.

Seriously, if you could combine chocolate and heroine the resulting injectable goo wouldn’t even come close to Angry Birds. I have attempted a single level over and over again for hours.

Angry Birds HD costs £2.99

Flight Control

I’ve written about Flight Control a few times before and I was a big fan of this plan-landing game on the iPhone, but with the iPad we have extra levels (one of which is in 3D).

The game is, again, simple. You are given an airport with several runways and helipads. A range of planes and helicopters fly onto the screen and you’re job is to draw a line from each aircraft to the correct runway, making sure they don’t crash into each other.

Flight Control is another game that I’ve play for literally hours on end. It’s simple graphics and fun captions and music make it a joy to play. It gets stupidly difficult and sometimes stressful, but the range of aircraft and airports keeps it interesting for many hours. There’s also a two-player function on the iPad game, where you can play split-screen with a friend.

Flight Control HD is £2.99

Plants vs Zombies

Another game that will cause you countless sleepless nights and an irrational fear of the undead. Actually no, that’s not true, they may want to eat your brains but it’s ok, you have some pea-firing plants to save you.
Sounds odd, I’ll give you that, but it’s brilliant. A very big game – so it should be for six quid – but it doesn’t get too repetitive, with new plants and challenges every few levels to keep things interesting.

Plants vs Zombies HD is £5.99

MX Mayhem

Remember that game you played on school when the IT teacher wasn’t looking? That 2D one with the bloke on a motocross bike. You had to navigate over hills and stuff without falling off? Yeah, that one. This is that.
Need I say anymore? Go on then, you touch the right half of the screen to accelerate and the left to brake.

Tilting the iPad left and right moves the riders balance forward and back. That’s it really. It’s such a simple game and I love it. When you fall off there are some good rag-doll effects, which sees the rider fall on his head and slump at the foot of a cliff with the grace of a damp towel.

I did complete this in an afternoon – never managed it on the iPhone – but now I’ve written about it, I’ll be playing again right now.

Moto X Mayhem is £0.59

Need for Speed: Shift

Ok, I did say that I like simple games and anything too complex is a big, fat no. But I’ve changed my mind. I paid £7.49 for Shift, not expecting an awful lot if I’m honest, and was pleasantly surprised. Most racing games on the iPhone or iPad make me feel violently sick. It’s the motion of it. Why does the screen need to tilt around when I steer? Awful.

Thankfully, when using the – rather good – interior view in Shift, the horizon stays still while you turn corners. This changes everything. I find it very playable, and with a good selection of licensed cars from the VW Golf to the Bugatti Veyron and plenty of races and tracks, it’s a proper game.

Need for Speed: Shift is £7.49



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